The Research Club – An exciting Event in Hamburg!

The Research Club is well known as being an organizer of nearly 30 events a year in various cities around the globe and gathering top-notch professionals from the market research industry  – and this time we will be talking about The Research Club Hamburg. On the 27th of April, Sample Solutions was part of such a networking event in Hamburg,  one of the most wonderful cities in Germany. The Research Club Hamburg was held in the bar Elbwerk where all the guests enjoyed a relaxed and friendly atmosphere with a fantastic view over Hamburg’s harbor. the-research-club-hamburg Why is this event of such importance to the whole industry? Simple: it is a great way of keeping up to date with all the latest industry developments and finding out about some new innovative approaches or ideas that could elevate your understanding completely.  Meeting members of the leading market research companies such as, at random, ASKi, Ipsos and many more, we had an opportunity to discuss the challenges we meet regarding CATI.

We know the importance of staying professional and true to your brand, but also the importance of making lasting friendships within the industry. We try to attend as much networking events as possible because they offer such a unique opportunity to maintain our own national and international networks, but in the same time to make new contacts, develop business opportunities and to share experiences and achievements.  It is all about connecting with people who are also engaged in similar businesses and interests.  Most importantly, the hosts of the event were providing extraordinary hospitality to all the guest which makes the event even more enjoyable.

the-research-club-hamburg event

We can say that this year’s Research Club in Hamburg was a home run and all the participants benefited in a huge way! It was a wonderful night had by all. We recommend the Research Club networking events as a must-attend event in the calendar as well as looking forward to attending the next event. 




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