03 October 2016

SMS Surveys

Direct contact to a wide range of respondents through their mobile devices.

03 October 2016

RDD Sample

Pulsed mobile RDD for more than 160 countries and landline RDD for more than 140.

03 October 2016

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A centralized sampling approach with a thorough methodology.

01 October 2016

B2B Sample

B2B Sample with SIC, employee and direct contacts.

01 January 2016

Lifestyle Sample

Global coverage with more than 250 key variables.

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SMS Surveys

Going a step backwards: How to reach the next billion?

With  more research methods converging to online from offline, it might sound self-speaking to follow the trend and abandon traditional modes of data collection. With mobile phone penetration rates almost globally reaching levels beyond 100% it becomes clear that this fact can be used as a vital tool for data collection worldwide. Utilizing small portable devices like netbooks or PDAs is not a recent phenomenon but has been around for almost two decades. Data collection via these handheld or portable devices has been used for opinion polling, education, and market monitoring. But how can we further reach the next billion

Going a step backwards: How to reach the next billion?

One-Way SMS VS. Two-Way SMS

Fast-paced technological developments have forced researchers  to seek out new opportunities to connect people. In today’s world, mobile technology and its users have surpassed the use of desktop computers, as can be seen in the table below. Therefore, the next logical step for the research world should be to follow this trend and target consumers and respondents via mobile surveys. There are two ways to gather valuable surveys by using SMS. These methods are One-way SMS surveys and Two-Way SMS surveys. 1. ONE WAY SMS One Way SMS Surveys are a method used for creating online surveys that are mobile

One-Way SMS VS. Two-Way SMS

Improving CATI Fieldwork by blending CATI with SMS data collection

This article is the last in the series of discussing how CATI fieldwork, in general, can be enhanced by the usage of SMS. This article is co-authored with my colleague Carsten. In the previous two articles, we discussed various methods used to improve CATI data collection by means of advanced B2B and B2C sampling. Data collection in the future will converge more towards a mixed mode of data collection. Therefore, a blended sampling approach assists with multi-mode data collection. Thus, we refer to blended data collection as the use of a single sampling frame with multiple sources of data. In

Improving CATI Fieldwork by blending CATI with SMS data collection

SMS Whitepaper

According to the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), cell phone penetration in large parts of Africa has reached levels beyond 100%. The question remains: how can these respondents be included in public opinion polling? Especially, considering that the majority of this population uses cell phones with only basic functionality. The large penetration of smartphones or so-called ’feature phones’ as they are called in many regional areas of Asia, is yet to take hold in this area. Subsequently, another hurdle to data collection is the lack of internet among large parts of the population. In many urban areas the usage of internet

SMS Whitepaper

Telephone Sample

  • RDD Sample

    Sample Solutions has been providing RDD mobile and landline sample for almost a decade. Our in-house database allows for fast turnaround and competitive pricing.

    Clients from diverse industries like market research, academia, and marketing all benefit from our RDD sample frame which allows them to reach large audiences anywhere from  affluent and high net worth individuals to small business owners.

  • B2B Sample

    Our global in-house B2B database has more than 190M records with selection criteria available for industry classification, employment size, revenue, direct contacts, job titles, and direct phone numbers.

  • Lifestyle Sample

    Select consumer data based on age, gender and another 65 lifestyle characteristics. For select countries, we even have different attributes available.

    In recent years, we have developed our own lifestyle database but still  maintain close working relationships with leading lifestyle data providers which allow us direct access to their detailed in-house databases including information such as income, age and gender.


    Looking for BMW drivers in EU5 who have purchased a new car in the last 3 years? Not a problem, we got it covered.

    We cover over 130 countries and offer a selection of multiple location levels:Country, State, Region and City Level. Alternatively, you can provide a postcode range which we can use to do a radius search with a specification of either miles or kilometres which is then based upon the best-estimate postcode location.

    Besides the regular database of cars, we can also select vehicle types such as motorcycles, trucks, vans, and electric cars within Europe. Similar to standard vehicles, you can select from categories like car brand, model, HP/KW, year built, mileage, price, and previous owner.

    Vehicle segments in Europe do not have formal characterization or regulations. Model segments tend to be based on comparison to well-known brand models. For example, a car such as the Volkswagen Golf might be described as being in the Ford Focus size class, or vice versa. The VW Polo is smaller, so it belongs one segment below the Golf, while the bigger Passat is one segment above.

  • Healthcare Sample

    Get direct access to a wide range of medical practitioners, specialists, caregivers and key influencers with our healthcare niche sample.


    For large field work projects, it is important to have the correct proportions within the sample. Average income, ethnicity, religion are key variables that are used which can be further looked at on a regional base with a rural/urban classification and have become more and more important. As part of our largest projects we have re-coded more than 80.000 surveys to fit into the EU NUTS rural/urban methodology, thus providing detailed information about rural and urban areas, leading to a better understanding of the survey outcome.


    Our Screening and Filtering methods will help you eliminate any redundancy in your work. Furthermore, we can filter on various levels, e.g. business vs. residential, email vs. telephone, landline vs. mobile and more.

    Do you only have the tip of the iceberg with data information you require? After providing a batch of B2B or B2C sample, we add phone numbers with our automatic lookup based on name and postcode.

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ample Solutions as global sample provider was founded in 2009 with the goal to provide premier sample and services to support the market research industry. Discover new possibilities with our sophisticated sampling approach: increased response rate, coverage and at the same time cost-effectiveness which is essential for all CATI projects. Our proven products and solutions improve the delivery of the high-quality data and sample you need. 

We give you an extensive range of services- from sample delivery to data collection, analyses, and research delivery to bring you fresh marketing insights. Our focus on market research projects allows us to perfectly cater to all your requirements for B2B, B2C, Lifestyle sample but also niche areas like healthcare data or VETs – therefore, Sample Solutions is regarded as a ONE STOP SHOP for fieldwork agencies.

Since 2014 Sample Solutions offers 1-way and 2-way SMS surveys in more than 120 countries. Based on our RDD mobile sample we are able to provide probability sampling using SMS which allows for a fast, innovative and cost-efficient approach for collecting data in developing countries.

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