True RDD Sample for National Representative Data

Our RDD sample is the backbone of global telephone surveys, opinion polling and social research. The industry Gold Standard RDD Sample is used by over 350 Think Tanks, government agencies, fieldwork agencies and corporate clients.

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RDD Portfolio

Going beyond random sampling

Our random sampling is backed by a transparent methodology and enhanced filtering for fieldwork efficiency.

Mobile RDD Sample

Expand your reach with an updated mobile RDD sample including provider information with wide coverage in over 140 countries.

Dual-Frame RDD sample

The mixed Dual-Frame approach mode combines both landline and mobile and is designed to reduce bias data, increase the response rate and reach a larger audience. In some countries older respondents or females can be reached easier this way.


Landline RDD Sample

Sample Solutions provides a fully geo-coded landline RDD sample with removed business listings to the market research industry. 


RDD records delivered


Countries Covered


RDD Projects annually

Full Coverage
Full Coverage

Our RDD sample connects seven billion individuals with your research.

Telephone Data Collection has been around for decades and has proven itself as vital tool for national representative surveys, data collection tool for developing countries and in extreme situation such as pandemics or areas of conflict.

Sample Solutions for methodological sampling

The sample provided comes with full country information such as frame coverage, potential bias or mobile & landline access data.

Fast Turnaround Time

Fast Turnaround Time

90% of our RDD orders are delivered within 24 hours.

Open Methodology

Open Methodology

No blackbox – the sample is fully documented.

Full Sampling Info

Full Sampling Info

Frame sizes, coverage data, population data is available.

190+ Countries covered

190+ Countries covered

Only a handful of countries exist that we have not covered.

Close to full coverage

Close to full coverage

Most countries have close to full phone coverage.

Full Probability

Full Probability

We do not work with lists – it is true probability sampling.


Sample some of our Testimonials

Past Projects

Sampling coverage when other modes fail.

Some of our previous projects included surveys in Crimea, Greenland, data collection in Syria as well as Afghanistan. We can sample when other data collection modes are close to impossible.

europe map
ESRA Presentation

Big Data Matching

Using Big Data applications to Decrease The  Coverage Error and Sample Bias in European Establishment Surveys

AAPOR Poster

IVR Phone Surveys

Screened mobile sample for IVR surveys in developing countries 2020 Paper – The case of Sri Lanka and Ecuador

WAPOR Presentation


By looking at Greece and comparing a Face-2-Face and CATI study using our RDD Dual-Frame RDD Sample

Recognized by global standards

A yearly re-certification for ISO 27001, ISO 20252 in combination with a dedicated policy document, sampling methodologies and quality structure ensures enterprise level sampling quality.

RDD Sample Process

Our RDD Sample Generation

Over the years, we built a comprehensive RDD frame to fit various needs for conducting international projects and we have worked hard to earn a trusted network of customers all based on a solid methodology.
Sampling Frame

The sampling frame consists of every single possible number combination.

Raw RDD Generation

The raw RDD sample is created based on clients’ specifications (NatRep or customized)

Number Processing

All numbers are screened and the disconnected numbers are removed from the sample.


Post-processing involves adding necessary strata inspection and quality checks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Got any questions? We’re here to help

A respondent asked me where the data came from?

As data controller you can provide them with a link to our data subject request and we can pick it up from there.

Which countries do you cover?

Our database is global in terms of coverage. However through Western Europe and North America we have the best in-country coverage and depth of data.

Do named contacts come with the company data?

We generally have the owner or Managing Director as contact. If needed we can add other direct contact people that are relevant for your research.

How long is the delivery time?

Turnaround time is usually 2-3 working days.

I have a file but miss some data points - can you help?

No problem, take a glance at our data enrichment options which can help you to enrich missing data points.

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