Our Compliance for global sampling

Ensuring compliance when it comes to sampling is at the root of our operations at Sample Solutions. This translates into compliance with local and EU laws for data protection, our compliance with ISO 27001, our quality policy as well as our ISO 20252 certification.
ISO 27001

Our Data Security compliance

Sample Solutions deployed a wide range of organisational and technical measures designed to deliver on the strict objectives of the newest ISO 27001 Standard, covering both on information security needs and our obligations to safeguard personal data in accordance with GDPR. We are audited externally annually.

ISO 20252

Our Quality Policy focussed on market research

Our Quality policy showcases how we work with our internal quality ambitions, ensure regular internal quality reviews and how we ensure confidentiality of research and client relationships. 

Recognized by global standards

A yearly re-certification for ISO 27001, ISO 20252 in combination with a dedicated policy document, sampling methodologies and quality structure ensures enterprise level sampling quality.

Industry Involvement

Our Memberships

We believe in the importance of active industry involvement to develop standards, push for transparency, share knowledge and collaborate with industry peers.

Gold Standard Probability

AAPOR Membership

Our AAPOR memberships together with regular conference attendance and presentations shows our highest commitment to probability sampling. We have been member since 2013.

Global Ambitions

WAPOR Membership

Our membership in WAPOR shows our dedication for global quality standard supported by the projects we run in over 130 countries annually.

Commercial Excellence

ESOMAR Membership

Our commercial sampling side is supported by our committment to the ESOMAR standards for market and social research. 

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