Ethnic Sample

Sampling the hard-to-sample.

When targeting ethnic minorities, respondents from specific country of origins or likely religions, general RDD sample does not perform well due to a low incidence rate.  Using our targeted ethnic mobile sample it is possible to survey respondents with high accuracy.

We have wrapped up complex niche projects with:

Ethnical sampling for sensitive PII data

The ethnic sample is overlayed with public data that can be found from various sources publicly. If data is not available publicly, we cannot retrieve it. 

Most social media and messenger networks have the option to set-up privacy options. When these are activated, we do not have a way to retrieve the data. Sample Solutions keeps track on the timestamp when the data has been processed and which sources have been used.


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Flagging Accuracy

Our Process

Probability Sampling meets Big Data

Sample Solutions developed the enriched-RDD sampling approach in-house. We are using multiple steps to create a highly targeted sample that nevertheless contains probabilistic criteria such as the selection probability and frame size for social research. Here are the steps for the sample generation:

Verified RDD Mobile Frame

A raw mobile RDD sample is generated. The sample is screened for activity to show working/non-working numbers

Big Data Overlay

We match the working numbers with social media data, public search queries and messenger services. This is done using large text, an onomastic approach or facial coding.

Confidence Intervals
We check wether there are indicators that a respondent is in the needed target group. Confidence intervals are also provided.
Segmented Data
We provide the full data back with data on matched records, target audience and not in the target audience. Possible to dial all three batches at different ratios and account for that using post-stratification. This approach allows researchers to apply either a Probability-based approach or quota-based approach to sample these sub-populations.
Data Sources for Ethnic Sampling

Our Big Data Expertise for Research

Sample Solutions has been ISO 27001 classified for over 5 years now. We apply heavy Big Data and ETL processes for our sampling. This way we leverage gold standard sampling for the industry.

Big Data

Coming from website data, search data and various other unstructured data.

Messenger Services

Deriving Data from Messenger, Telegram, WhatsApp or WeChat.

Social Media Data

Using various Social Media sources such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, WeChat or Instagram.

About Us

Applications of Ethnical sampling

Ethnic Minorities
Making use of social media data, Big Data, messenger services and Google search data we are able to enrich an RDD sample with ethnic information.
Country of Origin

Using Social Media data and an onomastic approach we are able to estimate the country of origins.

Using an onomastic approach we can significantly increase the chance to identify followers of eg. Islam, Judaism or other religions.
Frequently Asked Questions

Have any questions on our Ethnical sampling? We have got answers

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Can you offer the same screening for landline sample?

We would source landline sample from white pages data where available and then apply an onomastic approach to the names. In most cases this yields older respondents and those that have been in the country for longer.

What bias is introduced by this approach?

We can only target literate people as they use a messenger or social network. Overall education level is higher, more males and overall younger people. Since we screen an RDD sample there are indidivudals that cannot be matched, thus a coverage error is introduced.

Is this a static database?

No, the data is processed live meaning the generated mobile RDD numbers are compared live with various social media and messenger services.

Which other variables can be added?

Variables like region gender and age estimate can be added.

Is your data 100% accurate?

Our data is profiled / estimated. We have high evidence that a specific trait like religion, country of origin or ethnicity exists but we do not have hard facts or collected data.

What is the usual turnaround time for delivering this Sample?

Depending on the volumes and specifications, the default turnaround time for this sample is 2 to 3 working days.

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