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The best gateway for reliable B2B data.

Our B2B Telephone sample supports over 250 B2B projects yearly. Ranging from hard to reach qualitative projects to global projects with over 100.000 interviews.

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+200M Companies
+200M Companies
B2B Company Data

Our most frequently used business sample for generic company surveys

Our B2B company data comes with superior coverage compared to other vendors, quarterly updated profiles and selection options that go beyond the standard revenue, employee and industry location.


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B2B Sample

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B2B Contact Data

Go beyond probing and get to the Decision Maker directly without waiting.

Direct Contact information is a big advantage when it comes to B2B CATI projects. By getting a direct contact among the required hierarchy and job role, you can decrease costs and improve call efficiency. 

Contact Department

Contact Department

Select your desired based on department level such as marketing, IT or HR.

Contact Hierarchy

Contact Hierarchy

Decide on which level within a company hierarchy your contacts are located.

Direct Contact Email

Direct Contact Email

Pre-Notify or even invite your respondents to a survey using direct email contacts.

LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn Profile

Pre-Notify or even invite your respondents to a survey using LinkedIn messages.

Secondary Contacts

Do not leave it with just one contact but rather select multple contacts relevant for your study.

Direct Mobile Number

Bypass the Gatekeeper and reach your contacts directly whether in the office or remotely.

B2B Direct Mobile

B2B Data collection struggles with Gatekeepers & Remote ?

Reaching out to the right decision-makers has never been easier. With landline numbers being obsolete and most companies doing hybrid work hours, conducting B2B research has become a real distress.  In order to ensure that our clients can carry on with their projects smoothly, we introduced a new feature, that enables them reaching out their target with less effort and in a shorter period of time. 

Skyrocket Pickup Rate

Pick up rate increases signficatnly and your call center agents spend less time waiting and more time interviewing.

Compliance ensured by Sample Solutions

Our B2B direct mobile phone data has been compliantly sourced from public data. All data subject requests are directly handled by us as data controller.

Leverage Multi-Channel

Go beyond the standard landline calling and reach your decision makers via mobile, SMS or WhatsApp.

B2B Direct Mobile Sources

How do we Source our B2B direct mobiles?

All our direct B2B mobile numbers are sourced from a B2B context to avoid having strictly private numbers linked to our contacts.

Social Media Data

We enrich our B2B contact data with social media information data derived from LinkedIn.

Email Signatures

By accessing the signature data of millions B2B contacts we are able to provide direct dials.

Website Data

Often direct mobile numbers are pulled from the about or contact page of the main website.

Frequently Asked Questions

Got any questions? we’re here to help

A respondent asked me where the data came from?

As data controller you can provide them with a link to our data subject request and we can pick it up from there.

Which countries do you cover?

Our database is global in terms of coverage. However through Western Europe and North America we have the best in-country coverage and depth of data.

Do named contacts come with the company data?

We generally have the owner or Managing Director as contact. If needed we can add other direct contact people that are relevant for your research.

How long is the delivery time?

Turnaround time is usually 2-3 working days.

I have a file but miss some data points - can you help?

No problem, take a glance at our data enrichment options which can help you to enrich missing data points.


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