Who We Are

We are a diverse data-obsessed team constantly improving sampling approaches

Sample Solutions provides scientific and reliable sampling solutions for a variety of modes and use cases. Whether B2B, B2C or niche sector and from offline to online – multi-channel supported.

Sampling Enthusiasts

Years of Combined Sampling Experience

Projects Sampled since 2010

Bigger Picture

Our journey

At Sample Solutions, our story is woven with a passion for data and innovation. Finding answers to important scientific and societal questions requires a reliable Sample Source. Since 2010, we have been on a mission from sampling, to data collection with end-goal of a Full Research Company.

The Purpose of Sample Solutions

Our journey began with a bold vision: To connect every question you may have with the right audience, ensuring access to the answers you seek.

While we initially focused on phone surveys, we have since expanded to cover six different modes of data collection.

Our mission

Decision making with scientific sampling enabled by technology

We believe companies should make decision on accurate and representative data. To enable this, a representative and accurate sampling is the basis. Beyond that we create sampling solutions that go beyond the standard approaches. 

Our values

Our sampling values build the foundation of your insights.

Our approach to sample is based on transparency, on evaluation of different approaches that might impact cost and representiativeness. We outline how technology can further support your sampling.

Transparent Sampling

We do not disclose where our data, sample or panel providers come from.

Tech meets Rigor

We are at the junction of technology and rigor. Most of our scientific sampling is tech-enabled.

Beyond Linear Sampling

We go beyond standard sampling day-by-day. We run projects that generic provider cannot complete.


We share a common goal - Reliable Sampling for data-based decision making.

Olivera Vasileva
Olivera Vasileva CHRM
Ilija Trpovski
Ilija Trpovski COO
Darko Ilieski
Darko Ilieski CTO
Carsten Broich
Carsten Broich MD
Our Locations

Where we are based

Our team is based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands and Skopje, N Macedonia covering afternoon working hours in Australia to morning working hours in for the East coast of the US.

Sampling Consultation

Our friendly team is here to help.


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