B2C Lifestyle Sample

The B2C Sample to find the needle in the haystack.

Struggling with low Incidence Rate and no panel data available? Our B2C Lifestyle sample can be applied to a large variety of low incidence projects which makes challenging projects feasible. This is backed by our multi-mode sampling approach.

We have wrapped up complex niche projects with:

Solutions for major niche targets

A diverse variety of sampling solutions for your consumer projects.

Consumer Lifestyle Sample

Consumer Lifestyle Sample

When going beyond a national representative sample – a specialty niche sample can increase incidence rates.

Niche Sample

Niche Sample

HNWI, House Owners, Parents, and Android Users, we have got covered all the niche groups you may need.
Ethnic Sample

Ethnic Sample

We employ varied methods, including the onomastic approach to identify diverse ethnic groups.
Geo-targeted sample

Geo-targeted sample

Enriching mobile records
with geographical details
to target small areas using a representative sample.

Automotive Data

Automotive Data

The sample spans 130+ countries and targets fleet managers, electric car owners or the premium segment.
Panel Enhanced

Panel Enhanced

Project in field but not reaching your target group? Source from our probability panel with no overlap.

From Single-Mode to Multi-Mode

Our B2C lifestyle records can be used for CATI, push-to-web, 2 ways SMS or WhatsApp direct. 

Our Sample

Who can we target?

We deliver data from over 150 criteria, that can be trusted and drive our client’s most important decision-making.
Our age and gender filters can ease the search and by adding additional filters such as location we can provide a highly targeted sample of young audience that can both reduce cost and increase the effectiveness of the fieldwork.


One-stop-solution for all niche targets.

GDPR Compliant

We only work with publicly available data and provide full compliance for data subjects.

In-house data and dedicated support

Most of our consumer data comes from our in-house archtiecture, allowing faster turnaround time and better cost-effectiveness.

Live Generation

Our data is generated on-the-fly rather than a static database. 

B2C Lifestyle

Learn about each step of the process

All our B2C Lifestyle sample originates from a true RDD sample that is overlaid with secondary Big Data, Social Media and Messenger services. 

A unique probabilistic appraoch for low incidence sampling.

Random Generation

The first step in building a lifestyle database is the generation of pure RDD mobile records, based on the county’s numbering plan.

Mobile numbers screening

After generating the sample, we proceed with the screening process in order to flag inactive numbers and clean up the data.

Big Data Screening

We randomly generate phone numbers and compare them to Social Media, Messenger Services, and directories in order to enrich the sample with additional information.
Frequently Asked Questions

Have any sampling questions? Let us assist.

Our FAQ or Knowledge Base does not provide the answers? Reach out via Email or Live Chat.

Do you have any specific demographic information of the users?
We can offer you data with location, age and gender. Additionally, we have a database of HNWI (Hign Net Worth Individuls).
Can you also provide exact age or only age range?
We can provide you with both age range and exact age.
What niche groups do you cover?
Our lifestyle sample comprises a young population, population 65+, HNWI, people with migration backgrounds, Car owners, etc.
Is the data GDPR compliant?
The sample is GDPR compliant. The information we provide is publicly available and used for research purposes only.
How long is the data retention period?
Data retention period is up to 2 years. After that we delete all information available on a specific user.
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