Sample Solutions available in Five Languages

Sample Solutions gets more than 80% of its clients from countries which the first language isn’t English. This begs the question, how to deliver an outstanding experience while not running into the issues of misunderstandings due to different terminology? We believe an answer has been found. About a month ago, Sample Solutions started the project of personalizing the individual relationships that we have with each client with the goal of being a mutual understanding of the highest quality and crashing the language barrier.

With our team working hard on these novelties, we can now say that we have achieved this and are ready to roll! Our web page, is now available in not one, but five of the main languages: English, French, German, Spanish and Italian, with even more to be available in the future. We believe the beauty is in the details, and from now on all the contents of the library page are available in those languages as well  (Brochures! E-books!  Presentations!).

Our Head of Marketing comments on the novelty: “As a Global Sample Provider, Sample Solutions holds its clients in the highest regards and respect. This means that it is an essential need to put their demands in the highest of priority and deliver an outstanding experience, which with the breaking of the language barrier would go even smoother than usual ”.

The website is now open.






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