Highlights: The Biggest Marketing and Insights Event MIE’17

The team of  Sample Solution can most certainly say that we opened 2017 joining a remarkable set of events. Such was MIE (the Biggest Marketing and Insights Event) held on the 1st and 2nd of  February in the Media Plaza in Utrecht.marketing event

What was so special about this event, that nearly 2,400 marketers, strategists, and insights professionals visited it? The aim of MIE is to provide insight into the development in the fields of Marketing and Marketing Intelligence. More than 90 case studies in the respective fields of marketing, insights, and analytics, master and inspiration sessions were held as well as a large number of lectures and master classes.  

Our team from Sample Solutions enjoyed 4 classes with a range of focus from marketing trends, brand development to innovation. Also, nothing compares to the opportunities to network and meet with different people who are active in the research industry and have been players in it for a while.

Sharing experience is a big part of our personal growth, and this event didn’t lack it. We must say, though, a huge delight has been meeting our trusted partners and clients face-to-face and catching up with them in the best way possible – through mutual appreciation of all things that make us successful.

Our client service managers comments on her first experience at this event: “The most interesting class was about changing. I learned that to walk in line with the world’s newest trends and innovation is the most important thing for a company, as well as how to deliver a message in the right way and that it should be as personal as possible”.

When everything is said and done, we are looking forward to the next one for sure.  Having loved the feedback that we received from this event, we will definitely come back next year.

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