The importance of the Spanish and Latin American Market

Passionate, sophisticated and devoted to living the good life, Spain and the Latin American Market are  both a stereotype come to life and a country more diverse than imagined. The Kingdom of Spain occupies an area of 504,782 square kilometers in the southwest of Europe and is the second largest country in the EU – with an up most top quality of life. The Spanish enjoy life to the full; they love good food, drink, dancing and music and moreover, have made significant progress on equal opportunities for both sexes, various government initiatives are in place to promote equal opportunities and legislation has been in place since 2007. The Latin American community follows a similar path: being famous for its passion even more  than Spain. What makes that culture so special? :People being loyal, giving and extremely hard working, following a quote that says, “The Company Is Like a Family”.  Some authors define the Latin American business model as a hybrid of globalization and the region’s historic traditions: “The senior executive has the personal obligation to protect subordinates, and even take care of the personal needs of workers and their families.”

Having said that, both of these regions distinguished freedom is an important cultural characteristic both in society and in business.

Why doing business?


Spain’s appeal for doing business there doesn’t only lie in the domestic market with 6.8 million potential consumers but a further injection in the possibility of operating third-country markets using Spain as a base. Even more so, the importance of the Spanish language in business is undeniable. Spanish is spoken by over 420,000,000 native speakers –add people that speak Spanish as a second language and that figure grows to 530,000,000 speakers worldwide. Its importance has been increasing in the last few decades, due in large part to the constant economic growth Latin American countries have been experiencing –many of these countries have taken huge leaps forward in terms of their international economic positions: Latin America is a rich source of raw materials. Sample Solutions’ interest in this particular market can be obvious, but there’s so much more. With the vastness of the opportunities, the rising demand for sampling in research facilities and the changing of the climate from somewhat struggling to rise has made Spain and Latin America in particular, a perfect partner in conducting quality research.

The Clients


dichter adimar simple-logica random-strategy






Random Strategy,Simple Logica, GFK Chile and Dichter & Neira have been our trusted clients for some while now. Not only did the relationship blossom into regulars, but they have also been integral to the way we do our business and taught us much about the market and the values and work that goes into it – we always tend to improve and be better than ever. In the words of some of the clients, “Our experience so far has been very good. We have received quick support and the sample has always been sufficient”.


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