Telephone Sample: Quality vs Speed vs Cost

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When doing telephone fieldwork, there are many factors that determine the quality and the profitability of the project, one of which is the sample itself. When choosing a sample supplier, a fieldwork agency usually bases their decisions on three factors of the sample: quality, the speed of delivery and cost.

With bad quality, the interviews will be dialing through a lot of dead numbers, which is even more disastrous in the case where the call center does not have a predictive dialer. This result is time wasted, higher costs for interviewers and extra sample. Moreover, this will obviously have a negative impact on the quality of the collected data.

The second factor is the speed of delivery, meaning the longer the call center has to wait for the sample to be delivered, the less time they would have to do the actual fieldwork. As a result, they would need more interviews to get the quotas and that would result in higher costs. If there is less time to do the fieldwork and the pressure is increased, the most likely scenario are the errors which could and would decrease the quality of the collected data.

Last but not least, the cost of the sample contributes to the profitability of the project. The long-established sample providers usually have quite a premium attached to their names and deliveries can take very long as the organizations are big and therefore their clientele is huge. The fact remains, overload and hierarchies can slow down the service speed tremendously.

Knowing the importance of these factors, Sample Solutions has made continual improvement in quality and speed its mission along with one of the most competitive prices in the sampling sector. We are happy to announce that in early 2017, Sample Solutions is launching an open database for B2B and RDD sample where our clients receive log-in credentials and can export the sample with a few simple clicks with a waiting time of a couple of minutes to a couple of hours instead of days. This means that if you have a team of interviewers booked for fieldwork in the afternoon, you can log in at 9 AM, download the sample and load it up into your survey software and be ready before a lunch break. Moreover, if you use Nebu’s survey software, the sample database, and the survey software will be integrated into a seamless experience. Prices can be single usage/record based or subscription based.

Contact one of our client service team members for early access and more information!

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