Scientific Sampling shaping policies and insights globally

Our Sampling approaches for online and offline research are used by more than 300 research agencies, government bodies, academic institutions, NGOs and Think Tanks.
5 Sampling Modes
5 Sampling Modes
About Us

Our mission is to empower researchers with reliable sampling solutions globally

Whether your research projects require a high-level of methodological rigor or advanced sampling techniques that go beyond standard access panels – these are the projects we deal with daily.

We believe in mixed-mode sampling combining offline and online.

Combining offline and online sampling allows us to reach untapped respondents and makes a difference when measuring hard-to-reach audiences.

Traditional Offline Sampling

Our traditional RDD, B2C and B2B sampling for establishment and probability-based surveys.

Mixed-Mode Sampling - Best of Both Worlds

With over a decade of offline experience we have the unique industry knowledge to source respondents for online reserarch where others cannot. 

Online Sampling

Whether B2B or B2C, our propriety panel and digital outreach ensure real respondents and valid data.

Sample Solutions for hard-to-reach audiences

Sample Solutions enables researchers to sample audiences which generally are difficult to find or not part of access panels. 



Find the audience that is shaping opinion and the direction in verticals

Luxury Car Segment

Luxury Car Segment

Premium Brands or electric cars – we got you covered.

Migration Background

Migration Background

Trying to include respondents that are hard-to-sample?
Conflict & Crisis Research

Conflict & Crisis Research

Hard-to-reach respondents in areas of turmoil and conflict.

C-Level Suits

C-Level Suits

Beyond the company register data and offer the entire C-Suite data.

Direct B2B Mobile

Direct B2B Mobile

Skip the general number and reach the decision maker directly.

We have wrapped up complex niche projects with:

We are native to phone sampling in over 170 countries

Whether it is Greenland, Crimea, Falkland, Vanuatu or Liechtenstein: We have covered all of these countries in the past for telephone sampling. 

Sampling Modes

Level up your research using multi-channel Data Collection

Sample Solutions has leveraged email, phone, SMS, WhatsApp, LinkedIn and panel to ensure representative sampling data and sufficient N sizes. 

Recognized by global standards

A yearly re-certification for ISO 27001, ISO 20252 in combination with a dedicated policy document, sampling methodologies and quality structure ensures enterprise level sampling quality.

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