Automotive Sample


Whether you need specific body types and makes or exact models we can assist you in a way that you can further filter and refine your consumer automotive audience to match your project’s requirements via leveraging multiple data filters such as fuel type, year of production, mileage, EURO emissions standard, engine size, tire size, and more.


If you have projects that require an audience of a specific gender or age segment or are looking for a specific driver niche: sports car enthusiasts, collectors, off-road enthusiast, motorcyclists, student drivers, or parents. We can offer these audiences by cross-validating the automotive sample data with our social media screening methodology to ensure a high level of accuracy to the desired target group of lifestyle drivers.


Select from a palette of different geographic definitions: postcodes, LAUs, Cities, provinces and regions, entire nations.


Talking about hard-to-reach audiences, as with the High Net Worth Individual, the luxury segment of the car market plays a key role in our  automotive telephone sample offerings.
How do we do it?


1. Random Generation

The first step consists in generating a raw Random-Digit-Dialing (RDD) mobile sample, based on the national numbering plan.

2. Mobile numbers screening

Afterward, we determine which network operator currently serves a given mobile telephone number and also the status of the mobile phone to be of a connected and active number.

3. Online Screening vehicle data

The last step consists of checking across a variety of online features: car forum listings via official API applications and linking the numbers with the vehicle information.

Got any questions?

Automotive FAQ

The data is sourced from a variety of public online spaces: such as car forums, and social media networks. For the B2B segment of fleets, Sample SOlutions utilizes Big Data tools to screen company website information, out-of-office messages, and professional email signatures.

We have conducted a legitimate interest assessment to validate that we can use legitimate interest as legal basis for processing the direct b2b mobile data. Feel free to reach out to your account manager to receive a copy of the assessment. Additionally, all consumer sample data is derived from publicly listed sources by self-reported data enrty by the repsondents.

Since a mobile phone number is the main telephone type, there are different ways you can reach out to the sampled respondent such as SMS messages, calling via CATI interviews or WhatsApp messages for those that have the messenger service installed.

Our data is profiled / estimated. We have high evidence that a specific trait like religion, country of origin or ethnicity exists but we do not have hard facts or collected data.

No, the data is processed live meaning the generated mobile RDD numbers are compared live with various social media and messenger services on a reoccurring basis.

Depending on the volumes and specifications, the default turnaround time for this sample is 2 to 3 working days.


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