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155.000.000 – Direct contacts

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Direct Contact information is a big advantage when it comes to B2B CATI projects. By getting a direct contact among the required hierarchy and job role, you can decrease costs and improve call efficiency.

In certain industries and business segments that are hard to reach key decision makers for a market research survey. We provide a way for researchers to direct establish link with the intended audience and bypassing the gatekeepers and the confusion for  correct person in large organzations or for audiences that are always busy, on the move or working remotely from the office

Direct mobile numbers are more frequently available for outward facing roles: such as Marketing, Sales, C-Level, HR and more  external facing positions.

Numbers come from the individuals directly and we re-verify on a yearly basis (estimate for 85% accuracy).


Emails are available among all decision-makers in an organization (Managerial level and up to C-level and Board level) and in organizations with sufficient headcounts that establish an organizational structure.

It is advisable to use company emails – ones that utilize the info@, contact@, and hello@ for enterprises that are in micro and small businesses.

Contact email addresses are obtained from listed sources from team pages, the business registries, and via an internal methodology of generating the email using the most common business email addresses patterns( firstname@, first name.l@ f.lastname@) and screening all the combinations for an active inbox using an automated SMTP email verification.