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Our fully documented Switzerland RDD Sample is used by more than 140 fieldwork agencies and research institutes worldwide.


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Switzerland RDD Sample


Our coverage for the mobile and landline sample of Switzerland RDD Sample is beyond 99%.

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Our Switzerland RDD sample can be enriched by mobile phone sample.

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We can build customized cloud applications to access your Switzerland RDD sample

Centralized Database

Having a centralized database for each client allows easy deduping, processing and enrichment of data.

Random Numbers

We make use of the Mersenne Twister to generate our Switzerland RDD sample.

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Take a glance at our whitepaper for Switzerland RDD sample to gain more insights.

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Switzerland RDD Sample

Since 2008 Sample Solutions develops Landline RDD Sample and Mobile RDD Sample for Switzerland. We make use of the official numbering plan for Switzerland and based on that generate all possible numbersing solution for our Switzerland RDD sample.

The Switzerland RDD sample comes with up to 15 different columns with different variables which are geocoding variables but also regional information. Besides the Switzerland RDD sample we cover almost the entire globe.

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Switzerland RDD Sample

Research Insitutes

The majority of the TOP 10 global research institutes make use of our landline and mobile RDD sample. Besides that multiple small and medium sized full research agencies are part of our client portfolio as well.

Fieldwork Companies

More than 80 fieldwork agencies globally make use of the RDD sample provided by Sample Solutions for their CATI center. Shortening communications channels means faster turnaround time for their CATI projects.

NGO / Governments

Our services for NGOs and Government entities ranges from small community sampling or exotic countries sampling up to studies in multiple countries eg. EU28.

End Client

In recent years, more and more end-clients have found their way directly to us. By doing so they have a trusted partner for all their sampling needs for market research purpose.

This is just a tiny part of our RDD sample portfiolio

See for what the Switzerland RDD sample can be used for

Some RDD sample cases

Companies make use of our RDD sample for various research purpose. Below and on the side are some of the examples when our landline and mobile RDD sample for Switzerland can be used.

NatRep Study
Small Area Sampling
Multiple Countries

Our RDD sample projects for Switzerland range from very small scale projects on postcode or radius for eg. brand awareness up to national representative studies using a sophisticated Dual-frame approach. Not sure whether to take mobile, landline or dual frame? Take a look at our whitepaper:


Satisfaction Surveys

For high incidence rates our RDD sample can be used for small area but also national satisfaction surveys.

Probability Sampling

In any studies where the margin of error or any other statistical mean is of importance.

National Representative

These Studies usually aim at achieving N=1000 interviews for the entire population. Possible to contral strata via rural/urban and regions.

Focus Group Recruitment

Recruitment for small focus groups is possible based on small area or radius RDD sample which can target very narrow arears.


Switzerland RDD Sample

  • How does RDD sample work?

    Random digit dialing (RDD) is a method for selecting people for participation in telephone statistical surveys by generating telephone numbers at random. Random digit dialing has the advantage that it includes unlisted numbers that would be missed if the numbers were selected from a phone book. In populations where there is a high telephone-ownership rate, it can be a cost efficient way to get complete coverage of a geographic area.

  • What is pulsing?

    Pulsing numbers means that to selected numbers a momentary signal is sent in order to check whether the number is active. Pulsing enhances the efficiency to a significant degree, since non-working numbers are excluded from the generated RDD sample.

  • In what format do I receive my data?

    Data is provided by secure download and/or email. Data can be provided in Microsoft Excel (XLS) format, ASCII or text format, or SPSS format. Please inform us if you require any additional formats.

  • When do I receive my data?

    Data is provided within 24 hours of payment confirmation received for first time clients. For repeat clients we deliver within 24 hours of ordering, with invoicing after delivery.

  • How do I avoid duplicate records on top-up purchases?

    We keep a record of all purchases made. Sample Solutions Europe ensures that any further purchases made with repeat criteria do not contain duplicate records.

  • How often is the data validated?

    Data is updated on a continuous basis by our dedicated team, ensuring we provide the most accurate and comprehensive business lists available.

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Learn about the process

How we generate our Switzerland RDD Sample


Sampling Frame

The sampling frame consists of every single number combination that is possible.

 All residential numbers

 Business numbers

We can include business numbers if requested.



The raw RDD sample is created based on a clients’ specifications (NatRep or customized). Using a specific factor for oversampling we create the raw Switzerland RDD sample for both mobile rdd sample and landline RDD sample.


Nnumbers screening

We screen the numbers for disconnected numbers which are then removed from the sample. The dialer makes use of a ping message to the landline numbers to check whether the Switzerland RDD sample is working or not. This way we can significantly increase productivity during fieldwork.



Post-processing involves adding necessary strata and quality checks. For our Switzerland RDD sample we have a standard check-list to assure that all different sources errors are removed.

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Landline RDD Sample

Our Switzerland Landline sample is fully geocoded and at the same time filtered by means of business listing filter and dead numbers.

Mobile RDD Sample

Our Switzerland Mobile RDD sample is representative to provider shares and fully verified.

Dual Frame RDD Sample

By combining mobile and landline RDD sample for Switzerland, it is possible to reach the largest possible coverage.

Didn’t find the answer?

On this page we aim to provide all relevant information for Switzerland RDD sample, being it landline, mobile or dual frame RDD sample. In case you still have questions feel free to check our knowledge base or get in touch with one of our customer service representatives.

Mobile & Landline RDD Sample


For the Landline RDD Sample country we have started to identify all different phone number blocks which are provided by the numbering operator. A telephone number in Switzerland is a sequence of several digits dialed on a telephone to make a call on the telephone network in Switzerland.  There is always a starting block for the different region and division within Switzerland followed by a random allocation of digit numbers N.

For the mobile RDD sample Switzerland, Sample Solutions uses the official numbering plan since cell phone numbering blocks have a length of N=4 and thus yield and adequate density. Furthermore the RDD sample can also be pulsed in order to achieve higher strike rates. Lastly the sample is stratified based upon the provider distribution within Switzerland.

In order to further increase the mobile RDD sample one can compare the numbering blocks with existing cell phone number and use only those were a certain amount of working cell phone numbers exists, this leads to higher working number of mobile phone numbers. Lastly the numbering blocks can be assigned to the different providers. More information about Mobile country RDD sample can be found in the whitepapers.

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Our Dual-Frame RDD Sample

landline rdd sample

Landline phone numbers are mainly used by traditional families and older part of the population which can introduce a small bias by introducing a non-coverage error for the younger population.

Mobile RDD Sample

While mobile phone initially underrepresented the older population, almost full coverage is now available even up to the 80+-year-olds. Even very mobile which does not have landline can be reached this way.

Maximum Coverage

Our dual frame RDD sample for Switzerland brings maximum coverage due to reducing the coverage error by combining two different sampling frames into one single one.