Quality Policy

Quality Policy

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The Managing Director and Management Team of Sample Solutions have established this quality
policy and along with all the employees of this company, are fully aware of their responsibilities
and their individual contributions to the quality management system and share a common aim to
achieve client satisfaction.

Sample Solutions aims to excel in international telephone sampling. To achieve this, Sample Solutions
utilizes a stringent training and instruction process for the sales, data and web development teams,
and well-trained staff to be able to meet the goals.
Our mission is constant improvement and enrichment of our talent, knowledge, and expertise for
driving value for each client by creating ultimate customer experience and delivering top-notch
RDD, B2B, B2C and Data Services.

Sample Solutions is committed to delivering high quality customer services which fully meet the
requirements of its customers at all times. We aim for building long-term, mutually beneficial
relationships with our worldwide customers by understanding their specific needs and be flexible
in offering solutions that meet their expectations.

We are committed to continuous improvement and compliance and by carrying out internal
audits, client satisfaction surveys and quality management reviews we will identify areas of
nonconformance, monitor, measure and establish new objectives appropriate to improving our
service to the client and improve our business performance.

We want all our employees to be committed to quality, to recognize its importance, and to act
accordingly and we recognize that it is our responsibility, from top management down, to provide
all personnel with the means and the motivation to do so.

Sample Solutions will continue to make quality a fundamental part of our policy and maintain our
reputation for honesty and integrity and ensuring that this is reflected throughout the organization.
The Company’s Management Team will ensure that this policy statement is briefed, understood
and implemented at all levels within the company.
Carsten Broich