Working at Sample Solutions: As told by Tijana!

I guess we’ve all imagined finding our dream job, fulfilling and enjoyable that you simply love to go to work every day.

Tijana-Sample-SolutionsSome people are lucky enough to have actually found theirs. The reason for that could be the colleagues who inspire them, the bosses who encourage them, the customers who appreciate them, or the career opportunities that promise them a fulfilling future… Well I’m lucky to have found all those things in one place. So it is really hard to sum up, if I am asked why do I love my job, because there are so many things that I like about what I am doing.

First of all It’s different every day. It provides me with the opportunity to be creative and to learn new things, meet different kind of people, work on projects, and to continually stretch myself in doing things I’m not always comfortable doing. After a long period of time, it still remains challenging. I have experienced firsthand and learned, many different sides of what goes into a project, the general process of how a project is initially planned, developed and completed, as well as how much work and detail goes into every stage.

At the very beginning, I jumped in into a totally new chapter of my career, without having any past experience or knowledge in the market research industry. It was a real challenge to start the journey. But with the help of my boss Carsten Broich, who has years of experience in the market research industry, I felt more confident and supported as I knew my work at the beginning would be double checked and any uncertainties would be explained. He is a real leader and a coach, who encouraged me not to be scared of making mistakes along the way and turning them into opportunities to learn and grow, along with providing me with the training and knowledge I need to succeed in the workplace.

Sample Solutions standBy observing and learning from him and my colleagues, I managed to pick up tricks and learned different types of skills, from learning to communicate and deal with other companies, to lead and take care of many different types of requests. They all helped me learn more about the business itself. My colleagues are people with different strengths and qualifications and all of us working together we manage to sync with one another so that our work flows and we are all able to complete our work efficiently.

I’m working at Sample Solutions long enough to feel like I had an input into the development of the growing company. Even on busy days, where I have to meet a project deadline, or when a client needs something very urgently to be completed, I’m really thankful to have the support of everyone in the team, as they are very helpful and contributing in the way they can. A lot of team building activities, like going after work for a drink, enjoying a lunch together or spending together one week in Malta, it all contributes in getting to know each other outside the professional life and developing a healthy working environment.

Research & Results 2018 Sample SolutionsOutside the office there are the business trips and networking events through which I get the chance to meet my clients face to face and also meet new contacts from the same industry. This is probably both the most enjoyable as well as the most beneficial part, a wonderful opportunity for establishing partnerships or finding new areas of expansion for the business.

Keeping up-to-date with all the latest trends from the market research industry, whether it is from the office or outside of it, helps me understand just how important it is to be present in the ever-changing business climate and identify the chances for business growth.

I hope to continue growing in Sample Solutions, take on additional responsibilities and contribute as much value as I can.

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