Sample Solutions rolls out Survey Platform for Early Adaptors in Europe

Since the beginning of the year, Sample Solutions has invested in its in-house Survey Platform application which is used as a platform for offline sampling for telephone and SMS surveys.

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The goal of Survey Platform is twofold:

    • Provide Research and Fieldwork Agencies with a single platform for all their offline sampling needs


  • Provide Research and Fieldwork Agency with a knowledge hub that provides info on sampling frames, disposition code results, suggested ratios mobile vs landline and so on

A centralized sampling approach with a through methodology will allow our clients to have a valuable USP towards their competitors

Fieldwork and Research Agencies will be able to use the following features within the platform:

    • Drawing of national representative mobile and landline RDD sample


    • Selection on small areas (Cities, Postcode or NUTS3 level) for sampling


    • Internal Do-Not-Call (DNC) list and client-based DNC list


    • Business filter for screening out business numbers


  • Centralized stringent sampling

The Managing Director of Sample Solutions comments on the development: “Research and Fieldwork agencies have introduced centralized data collection, dialer, interviewer training and subsequently have used that as USP in order to win RFQ. Nevertheless, centralized sampling has been neglected by a majority of agencies. With increasing mobile phone penetration, it surprises me that some consumer research projects are still based on the listed sample. A centralized sampling approach with a detailed methodology will allow our clients to have a valuable USP towards their competitors.”

From a Research point of view, the platform provides info on essential data like:

    • Mobile and Landline penetration rates


    • Suggested shares for mobile and landline
    • Sampling Frame sizes


    • Mobile phone provider overview


  • Sampling methodology for each country (closed/open numbering plan, stratification and so on)

Sample Solutions aims to complete the global database by the end of 2017 which will allow research to gain transparent information regarding sampling frames, working number rates but also collected information like response rate or cooperation rates. In a research world where multi-country projects are becoming more and more common, it is essential to have a rigorous sampling methodology throughout different countries.


Q4 2016: Completion of the EU database and early adaptor testing

Q1 2017: Completion of MENA database

Q2 2017: Start of B2B Platform for EU28

Q4 2017: Completion of Global RDD online database


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