Sample Solutions opens office in Skopje Macedonia

Sample Solutions Skopje – office in Macedonia

To further facilitate growth, Sample Solutions opens office  Skopje, Macedonia. The focus will be web development, the launch of new products and services but also marketing and sales activities.

We are very excited about this new opportunity and the opportunity to cater to our clients in a more convenient and even faster matter than ever before.

telephone-sampling process

The web development team is working on all the platforms and on Demand systems that Sample Solutions and its clients require.

The sales team has grown and has diversified to include client service directors that will work with the French and Spanish Market to better accommodate the needs of each unique Sample request we receive in any language.

As the Company grows so do the products and services we offer. We have opened a new department that works on SMS Surveys and along with its very own Survey platform.

And for all of this to prosper, it would not be possible without the meticulous help of the marketing team.

The growth to Skopje and the new office has helped Sample Solutions revamp its whole operations into an effective and efficient company.

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