Sample Solutions preparing ISO 20252

ISO 20252 is an international quality standard that sets out requirements in quality management for organizations and professionals conducting market, opinion, and social research.

Sample Solutions strives to continuously improve its processes of delivering telephone sample for RDD, B2B, and B2C projects as well as the processes of data enrichment and SMS research. Not only does Sample Solutions follow international research standards developed by professional associations like ESOMAR, AAPOR, and WAPOR, but it has also set out to become certified for ISO 20252 during Q4 of 2016.

“Sampling within the market research and public research industry is of the highest importance for measuring audiences, which is why Sample Solutions has decided to accurately document its sampling processes, probability-based or non-probability based” said Carsten Broich, Managing Director of Sample Solutions.

The first steps have been made in achieving the standard by Sample Solutions. With the growth of the company size, a formation of the Management Team and Heads of the main departments (Head of Data, Head of Sales and Marketing and Head of Web Development and IT) have been set up in order to better meet the clients’ needs. These three roles formed an extra structural level between the Managing Director and the employees.

There has been a growth rate of 70%-90% per year whilst looking back to the previous few years, and also for 2016, an approximate growth of 65% is expected. Even Though Sample Solutions is a young and dynamic company, the need for a well-designed infrastructure of processes and procedures is crucial for further growth. Within Sample Solutions, the aim is to implement a “culture of discipline” by making use of various ISO standards and by doing so to spend less time managing the people but rather manage the system it operates in.

ISO 20252 is only the starting point, later in the first half of 2017, Sample Solutions will also start with the process for accreditation of ISO 27001 which refers to information security management which is a step towards the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which will come into place by 2018 and will regulate the way companies will deal with data which is essential for the sector and industry Sample Solutions operates in.

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