Sample Solutions is ISO 27001 re-certified

In 2019 we got our first ISO 27001:2013 certification and ever since we are committed to providing customer excellence and continually improving our products and services.

Like most organizations in the market research industry, SSE deals with confidential customer information which is being rigorously protected. The ISO 27001 certificate demonstrates that there is a systematic approach to managing information security risks and the company complies with the information security management system – ISM. 

The focus of ISO 27001 is to protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of the information within the company. This is done by finding out what potential problems could happen to the information (i.e., risk assessment), and then defining what needs to be done to prevent such problems from happening (i.e., risk mitigation or risk treatment).

Therefore, the main philosophy of ISO 27001 is based on a process for managing risks: find out where the risks are, and then systematically treat them, through the implementation of security controls.

What brings ISO 27001?

As an international telephone and occasional B2B email sample provider, Sample Solutions operates according to the international industry standards. Sample Solutions is a member of the following market research bodies: AAPOR, WAPOR and complies with the  current GDPR regulations. Also, as of September 2021 Sample Solutions  successfully obtained re-certification of compliance with ISO 20252:2012 for market, opinion and social research. 

All of our sample data is delivered via our own platform where we host the data on a dedicated server:

⚫ Telephone and B2B email Sample data is generated through the Survey Platform, hosted by AWS (Amazon Web Services).

⚫ All telephone/email sample projects are also stored in the designated section of the Survey Platform upon delivery to the client, which is hosted on AWS too.

⚫ The back-up of all telephone and B2B email sample projects is entrusted to Google. All project data and company files are stored according to the current privacy regulations in the respective countries.

By doing so we can ensure full compliance for our partners from a sampling point of view and ensure a high level of trust for many cross-national studies.

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