Sample Solutions completes Dialer Extension

Random Digit Dialing, commonly known as RDD, is a cost-effective method for generating a representative sample of households with fixed telephones. That being said, the demand for RDD comes forth when the population of a certain area needs to be represented and interrogated for statistical purpose – therefore the need of Dialer office delft icon

This process allows us access to hard to reach areas where targeted sampling is tough. RDD is available using both landline and mobile contacts and enables us to generate numbers based on area, country or network provider. Sample Solutions has developed a highly accurate RDD procedure that maintains the representative proportion of the corresponding populations. Our RDD sample is generated based on the national numbering plan of a country.


In order to maintain said quality and respect to our clients, as well as the fast turnaround time, a need has arisen for an extension that would meet and exceed the expectations.

Managing Director of Sample Solutions comments on the extension: “While our RDD sample in our domestic market (EU) follows a linear growth trend, we have seen a huge demand for RDD sample in developing markets. We have struggled in the past to meet clients demand but with the new expansion we can cut turnaround times by a factor 2”.

With these changes on board, clients should expect nothing less than perfection on our part.

Read more about RDD Sample here.

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