The Research Club: London Summer Party

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It’s all fun and games (and networking, never forget that) in London! It is such a place that keeps bringing us back every year (not that we have clients there but it is so wonderful there). As usual, or maybe it’s just usual for Sample Solutions to be welcome with a heavy shower in London, but that didn’t dampened the spirit at all since the long-awaited Research Club event – the London Summer Party was waiting ahead, and that’s always an event to look forward to. For a moment there (maybe out of excitement) forgetting what a vast and great city it is, we almost got lost in the busy streets of London while trying to find the way to meet our client at their office, but luckily, no worries in that department in the long run.

Though booked for 3 meetings with our clients – It’s always amazing to see them and exchange exciting ideas and talk about future projects to come – taking some time to walk along the busy streets of London to admire the beauty and cultural diversity of the city was a compulsory activity that is rarely missed.

One of the most exciting prospects of being in Market Research is definitely the chance to be a member of the Research Club and having the chance to end the meeting marathon with clients and colleagues from all over the world heading to one place of comfort and instant recognition – the annual London Summer Party! The Corinthian Roof Terrace which has spectacular sweeping views of the famous Oval wicket, the historic Pavilion, Houses of Parliament, the London Eye and the surrounding area is nothing short of a splendid choice for this event! Welcomed by drinks  and followed by an open bar & freshly prepared BBQ, Sample Solutions not only feels at home at this point during the Research Club events, but this one in London is always somehow special and held dear. Having chance to catch up with acclaimed professionals and share exciting news and always somehow meet new interesting people, is such a pleasure that it’s no surprise that Sample Solutions will still consider these events (and particularly this one!) a staple in its calendar.

Join us to our next destination and check out the rest of our calendar since, even though there are just 4 months left from 2017, we are making the most of them!

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