Q1: A Satisfying End to a Challenging Quarter

With Q1 coming to a close we thought it’d be fitting for all of us to gather in one place and reflect on this past quarter. All of our accomplishments, future plans and obstacles were to be showcased in order to provide everyone with a clearer picture of where we as a whole are headed.

This was necessary as Sample Solutions has been growing rapidly these past few months and rapid growth brings about greater responsibilities. Not only are we developing two big projects, Survey Platform and Sales.Rocks, but we’ve also welcomed many a new addition to our team. The more the merrier!

The company event took place outside our office so that we could properly focus on our discussions and brainstorming undisturbed by the numerous emails and notifications. The main objective was to familiarize us with the inner workings of the various departments including sales, development, data and management. In particular what we’ve been doing in regards to the aforementioned Survey Platform and Sales.Rocks. In Q1 the aim was to improve the speed of both platforms, add new and improved modules, revamp the websites, expand our database etc.

Each and every one of us was tasked with creating a short presentation that would display what we’ve achieved, what we plan to do and what obstacles we faced. After each department was done presenting we had some time to openly discuss anything that we felt could be improved. This led to very productive conversations that will undoubtedly have a positive impact on how we go about our business and how we venture towards success. One of the key things we learned is that we have to be very mindful of each other and that it’s in our best interest to work together. Communication really is key when it comes to teamwork.

In the end we left feeling much closer than before. This was yet another successful event and we all look forward to an even better Q2.

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