ISO Certifications in times of Corona: Sample Solutions is ISO 20252:2019 and ISO 27001:2017 Recertified!

In June 2018 as we had our first ISO 20252:2012 audit, one year later we got ISO 27001:2013 certification as well! Ever since we are committed to providing customer excellence and continually improving our products and services. The ISO certificate has a validity of three years with yearly surveillance.

This year the ISO audits conducted in a fully remote environment due to the ongoing COVID 19 restrictions. We didn’t face any barriers while conducting the remote audit and the reason for that is our important development made since March 2020 – the transition to a completely remote company meaning all our activities are done remotely. The data security aspects of this change are addressed by the ISO 27001:2017. Therefore, through ISO 27001, we have developed a systematic approach to managing and handling sensitive information and implementing all the requirements for an information security management system (ISMS) even in a remote environment. If you want to find out more about ISO 27001 read our blog post by clicking here.

As we already have moved forward incorporating all quality processes into our normal work routines, rigorous preparations were not needed. However we dedicated significant amounts of time to review the documentation and we held internal audits in March and August as part of our preparation for the external audit.

The 2020 surveillance has made clear that Sample Solutions does fulfil all requirements of ISO 20252:2019 Standard—Market, opinion and social research, including insights and data analytics and ISO 27001:2017 Information Security Management. By doing so we can ensure full compliance for our partners from a sampling point of view and ensures a high level of trust for many cross-national studies. The next audit will take place in 2021 and whether it will be remote or face to face is to be decided.

We would also like to take this opportunity to extend our sincere gratitude to our customers and suppliers for their continued commitment and loyalty.

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