Internships at Sample Solutions- Through Angela’s eyes

Angela-Dev-Sample-SolutionsMy internship at Sample Solutions turned out to be a great experience. With a welcoming and cooperating environment, I adapted pretty fast and easy. My mentor was available at any time, supported me and helped me understand and solve issues that were hard for me to comprehend as a beginner. It was easy for me to follow my lectures at university simultaneously while doing the internship since the tasks and schedule were well organized.  We had online courses as an assistive learning tool, knowledge transfer and brainstorming when needed. As an intern in 3 months, I learned a variety of tools and techniques and obtained useful skills that would aid in my further development as a backend Laravel developer.

There are cooperation and collaboration from everyone, great communication, understandable and clear workflow in a bilingual and friendly environment. Management is focusing not only on their goals and visions, but they also pay attention to the work-life balance of their employees and they focus on creating a relaxed and positive environment.

The training process is very professional and great for people who already have a good basic knowledge and understanding. The weekly tasks are goal-oriented and they change from week to week depending on the intern’s progress. Ideas and brainstorming are always welcome not just with your team, but also with the others. If you are wondering about some process that is connected to the field you’re working at, everyone is eager to help and explain so you can fulfill your goals more efficiently. Every morning and every week you will discuss your work and obstacles with your co-workers, hence it’s very easy to be on track with your and the general workflow. You get to see your work from every team’s perspective and you get to develop it logically and technically with the support of your team. One of the best things about your obligations here is that you have an overview of every aspect of the process, not just a minor part or some precise problem that needs to be fixed.

I would highly recommend this internship to anyone who would like to step into the web development field. This growing company is great if you are looking for a job out of university to build your skill set. The projects are challenging and interesting with a high level of freedom to express your ideas. There’s cooperation from everyone who could aid you in reaching your goals. After 3 months of doing the internship I got offered a job that extended my responsibilities and tasks and I’m pleased to say that I’m really developing and furthering my knowledge. I would recommend this to anyone who would like to start off with an internship and later get a job in an amazing environment where there’s always something new to learn and discover.

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