The importance of the French Market

 A country of Individualism

France is a modern country encompassing a wealth of landscapes and identities. It is home to a diverse multicultural population partly due to its colonial past and a number of overseas territories. Influenced by a mixture of cultural and historical differences, the largest Western European country, France is a nation that takes immense pride in its history and prominent culture. Such cultural identities play a crucial role in French business culture, where appropriate conduct, mutual trust, and understanding are the key to Sample Solutions’ success.  Having said that, France’s distinguished individuality is an important cultural characteristic that describes the French passion for uniqueness and freedom of opinion, both in society and in business.

Why doing business in France?

The most obvious thing to say is, France is a major market area all by itself. It is the largest country in Western Europe with 63.6 million inhabitants and also, the world’s fifth economy.  Its dynamic services sector accounts for an increasingly large share of economic activity.  According to the French Office for National Statistics (INSEE), 2015 showed growth of the French economy: gross domestic product in constant euros increased by 1.3%, after + 0.6% in 2014. But, numbers are not everything. Sample Solutions’ base in The Netherlands and its close proximity to the European Market and the close relationships that we have come to acquire in the past years have proven that the French Market is not only important by itself and to us as a company but mutually beneficial as well. Providing sample services means that the chosen supplier needs to be trusted with the quality, where the stakes are enormous, and that means choosing the right one which respects the individuality and dedication to rules and norms. Sample Solutions’ desire to stay the premier supplier especially to the European Market, is decidedly driven to make room and keep France in the tight family of trustworthiness.

The French Clients

Efficiency 3 and EFG Worldwide are our trusted clients who have entrusted us for their sample. The long and fruitful relationship between us and these two leaders has taught us a great deal about how the market works, and how to appeal to our French leads better.

In the words of our clients, “They always endeavor to find the best solution for you, respond quickly to your requests and if there is a problem, they will not stop until it is fixed! In other words, they have never let us down”.

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