The Holland Herring Happening


Enabling prosperous business relations between the Netherlands and Macedonia, the NL Chamber has been active from 2010 accumulating nearly 50 years of experience in doing business in Macedonia. One of the proud members of this foundation is Sample Solutions of course, which opened its offices in Skopje almost a year and a half ago and has enjoyed cooperation and a beautiful relationship with the NL Chamber as a Dutch company with aspirations for a rapid growth. For the occasion of the new herring arriving at Dutch harbors, the NL Chamber organized The Holland Herring Happening as an event to bring all the dutch companies and their Macedonian colleagues together in sharing this unique experience and mixing their two respective cultures. The star of the show was of course the Herring which was cleaned on the spot and served from a traditional Dutch herring cart – a completely fascinating view which in no way is similar to the traditional Macedonian customs, and therefore all the most interesting for our Macedonian friends and colleagues.


Mixing and networking within the pretty packed crowd, we had a great opportunity to not only try the herring and the other specialties like “bitterballen” (meat-filled croquettes) and chicken sticks that were served as well as a plate with combined snacks, but also get to know so many of the great people working at the NL Chamber who are responsible for all these beautiful events and employees in other dutch companies with Macedonian branches with which we are sure can count on great cooperation in the future.


Wined and dined, our team of almost 10 people was not only impressed but also richer for a great amount of new connections and endless possibilities. We are certainly in no doubt that the next event in the NL Chamber’s schedule will be equally impressive and can not wait to be a part of it again!


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