EBEC Case Study 2015 – SMS Data Collection Applications

Last week, TU Delft students had an opportunity to take part in EBEC Case Study, an event organized by LBG Delft. The aim of the case study is to analyze and solve a real-life problem with no actual construction of any device or assembling of some materials, but using the information given to developing hypothetical solutions. We paired up with Sample Solutions, a global sampling company based in Rotterdam. They provided the participants with a challenge – they had to find a creative use of an SMS data collection based service.

EBEC Case Study graphicThe students have come up with interesting ideas, which were then weighed by our judge, professor Sorin Cotofana, the professor of at the Computer Engineering Laboratory at the Delft University of Technology. Alongside our other judges Roxanne Goemans President of LBG Delft) and Carsten Broich (Sample Solutions representative). In the end, Team G&A won with the concept of establishing cooperatives for African farmers and offering them a marketplace for agricultural goods and services via SMS. They move on to the EBEC Benelux round and have a chance to compete in the EBEC Finals in Porto, Portugal, besides each getting a nifty Senz umbrella.

Again congratulations to the winners and see you at EBEC CS next year!

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