No Failure, just Learning: Darko’s beginnings in Sample Solutions

Darko-Development-TeamAs a student with no prior working experience whatsoever, I was always intrigued how the real industry works like compared to the faculty-based work. The internship at Sample Solutions was the perfect opportunity for me not only to see how the professional environment looks like but to be a part of it. And ultimately it proved to be an invaluable experience for me, as by the end of the internship program I was sure that web development was something that I wanted to do moving forward. The internship program lasted for three months and during that time I was able to get the basics of the development process, further improve my knowledge, learn new things as well as continue to be uninterrupted in my ongoing faculty tasks.

The internship was very well structured and easy to follow. The training program started with revisiting the basic concepts of the Laravel framework and getting familiar with the current projects as well as the workflow of the company. The adaptation to the working environment and the daily routine was really smooth. As I progressed, the internship continued with being assigned tasks and getting further involved in the company development process. During the training, I had the full support and help of the head of development, my mentor as well as the whole team, which was essential for me to ease my transition into the company and eventually get hired full time after the successful internship program.

This internship is perfect for young people who are looking to start their professional careers and learn, not only in development but in other departments as well. The company offers a fun, vibrant working environment with a group of hard-working young professionals who are eager to improve themselves in all fields, not just as professionals. There is nothing that is required from candidates before the internship except the willingness to learn and work in the field you chose, and success is imminent. No failure, just learning! 

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