4 Reasons why ESOMAR Corporate Membership is a good choice

ESOMAR is the essential organization for encouraging, advancing and elevating market research worldwide whose sole aim from the start has been to promote the value of market and opinion research in effective decision-making, so an ESOMAR Corporate Membership is essentially a privilege.

esomar-corporate-membershipWhat’s the beauty in it? ESOMAR facilitates an ongoing dialogue with its 4,900 members, in over 130 countries, through the promotion of a comprehensive program of industry-specific and thematic conferences, publications and best practice guidelines. Not only it provides ethical guidance, but it also promotes self-initiative and regulations and is a trusted partner to many associations across the globe.

So what made Sample Solutions get its Corporate Membership card at the end of this year? Most probably the following 4 reasons.


ESOMAR has been the undisputed leader in guiding the industry change for the last 70 years. That industry change consists of a list of novelties brought upon expert support, advice and legal updates. What else has been provided during that time? ESOMAR has been guiding, regulating, promoting and celebrating market, social and opinion research and is committed to driving a future-proof market research industry.


ESOMAR and the International Chamber of Commerce have been committed enough to build a norm which is now a highly respected code in market research industry –  ICC/ESOMAR International Code on Market and Social Research which has been jointly put together by these two partners. Through the regulations cited there, which is endorsed by more than 67 global research associations,  ESOMAR members and now Sample Solutions are driving professional standards globally and have an exemplary self-regulation track record.


ESOMAR boasts more than 500 corporate members, and the goal is for that number to do a steady rising with ESOMAR the driving force and consultant behind their growth. The membership is available to all research related agencies and clients who want to showcase their commitment to carrying out ethical work on a global level through respecting the set norms, enhance their global recognition and access the latest business intelligence.


What do you get with this membership precisely? Access to the industry recognized Corporate Member Mark for use in all corporate communications, free company listing in the ESOMAR Directory of Research. What is the best thing you can get out of it? A membership tailored to YOUR needs, with adoptions, employee access, corporate young members and so much more.

ESOMAR leads the way in the evolution of the market researchers of the future and Sample Solutions can never be much prouder of being its official member.

Our Managing Director Carsten Broich comments on this step:

Having visited past ESOMAR events like Dublin in 2015 and New Orleans in 2016, it is self-speaking that ESOMAR is the preferred choice as industry organization for Sample Solutions. Even more considering that the next ESOMAR conference will be in our home country the Netherlands

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