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Core values:

Knowledge begins in wonder

Through hardship to success

Competition makes us faster, cooperation makes us better

Plan well, execute better

Unleash your ideas

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data processors logo

UI / UX Front-end Developer ( Vue )

-the visual coder–

Fully remote

  Research Sampling Methodologist Intern 

          – the methodology fan –

Fully remote

Junior SaaS representative logo

SEO Specialist Intern

– the link-maker –

Laravel logo

          PHP/Laravel  Developers Intern

          -git committer –

         Fully remote

Data Processor Intern

– the detailist –

Fully remote

Laravel logo

         Lead Full-Stack Developer

          -code master –

         Fully remote

Data Analyst Intern 

– the sharp eye –

Fully remote

pyton logo

      Junior Python Developer

           -programmer at arms –

Laravel logo

          Mid level full stack developer (Vue.js/Laravel)

          -git committer –

pyton logo

      Python Developer Intern

           -programmer by heart –

Junior SaaS CSM logo

          Sales Development Representative – English

– expert in developing customer relations –

Quality Assurance Engineer icon

Junior Quality Assurance Tester

– development double checker –


PHP Developer Intern

– dedicated widgeteer –

online presence

Product Owner

– The Platform godfather –

open application icon

  Job Opportunities

    -we want to hear from you –

pyton logo

          Python Developer Intern

          -yet to be sharpened teeth –

job opening sample solutions


Interim HR

– happiness assistant –

Laravel logo

          Junior full stack developer (Vue.js/Laravel)

          -git committer –

  Sales Development Representative

          – sell away with us –

Client Service Manager -Italian / Spanish

– international guru –