Improve fieldwork efficiency by

How can you improve your CATI Fieldwork

Various methods exist to improve CATI Fieldwork with regard to Interviewer training, Dialer, incentives etc. The question that needs to be asked is, which way is the best one? What really needs to be considered is the sampling itself. Generally speaking, by developing an effective sampling strategy the fieldwork efficiency would rise accordingly. In this article we will explore:
  • B2B Sample
  • RDD Sample
  • Lifestyle Sample
  • Blending CATI with SMS data collection
Considering that email reading rate is currently below 1% and will decrease even further, in the last part we will explore how researchers have a lot to gain from SMS integration. Feel free to check our findings and feel free to get in contact with Sample Solutions.
Improving CATI Fieldwork Whitepaper

Carsten Broich

Managing Director