Sample Solutions at MIE 2018

The Sample Solutions Team entered the new year 2018 attending the largest Marketing and Insights Event (MIE) that took place in the Media Plaza, Utrecht on the 31st of January and 1st of February.

Over 2.400 marketers and strategists presented their insights about marketing and analytics and over 100 workshops were held in two days including the Master classes and Keynote sessions. In that ocean of research professionals, marketing and insights professionals and digital and web analysts, it wasn’t an easy choice to choose which workshop to attend first.

The sessions took place in 10 rooms of the Media Plaza and variety of topics were covered such as the shared value of data, creating value with (big) data analytics, growth hacking, data security and everything one must know about the marketing and insights strategies.

Despite the full agenda, we managed to find a time in between the sessions to say hello to all the familiar faces and even engage with new ones with whom we shared a coffee and a nice conversation. Meeting interesting people from the marketing and research industry is nevertheless the most enjoyable part of the event. We also stopped by the booths to greet our colleagues who were exhibiting this year as well.

The Event wouldn’t be as fascinating as it was if it wasn’t for all that terrific Dutch food, which I believe all the international visitors enjoyed a lot. And at the end of both days, we had a cocktail evening, which was a perfect timing to catch-up with the other visitors and share a glass of wine or beer together (and business cards).

It was such an amazing experience brought to us by MOAweb (Center for Marketing Insights – Research – Analytics), the organizing expertise center who took the responsibility, again, to make this event a must-be place for both the young, focused, and curious about knowledge visitors and for the marketing and research companies.

We closed one event successfully, but our journey continues in the other parts of the world too. Check out our event calendar 2018 and don’t miss the chance to get to know us!


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