Sample Solutions Attends Quirk’s Brooklyn Event: What a Journey!

An end has come to yet another Quirk’s event, this time in Brooklyn. It was our second trip this year, the first one being in London. A great start indeed!

The event was held at the Marriott hotel nestled in downtown Brooklyn near the iconic Brooklyn Bridge.

Quirk’s is of course amongst the most well-known events aimed at the market research industry. It offers companies and individuals alike to gather in one place, and exchange ideas and knowledge so that they can drive market research forward.

We flew in a couple of days earlier for client meetings, so, we were able to take in as much of Brooklyn and the surrounding area as possible. The diversity and atmosphere that Brooklyn offers is unlike anything in Europe. We were glad that we had a bit of time to rest after the long flight overseas.

Expectations were high since Quirk’s Brooklyn has always been spoken of highly by our fellow market researchers. And luckily our expectations were fulfilled. The event hall was brimming with people, exhibitors and attendees alike, most of which we had the pleasure of meeting. There was a wide range of market research agencies and industry suppliers from all over the globe, with no more than 4 companies that still cater to the method that was once considered “the gold standard” of market research, and we were one of them.

Since this time we were attendees, unlike the case with Quirk’s London, we got to walk around the hall, and really get to know the exhibitors. Some were clients, some prospective clients and others simply friends. Meeting up with old friends is undoubtedly one of the best thing about these events. We got to catch up, chat, as well as share info on the progress of our Survey.Platform. It was good to know that we weren’t the only ones excited about the Survey.Platform.

We could really see how technology is changing our everyday lives, especially in this event where our business cards became obsolete. We were equipped with the smart badge and its app, with which people could connect digitally, and all contact info was there. It seems like the need for conventional business cards is gone, and this approach helps save the environment too.

This year’s Quirk’s Brooklyn certainly didn’t disappoint. We’re glad that we took part in an event where everyone is eager to make new connections, and broaden their horizons. We had an amazing time meeting everyone, and we look forward to the events to come.

We’ll be exhibiting in Paris next month at Printemps des études so feel free to stop by at our booth. See you there!


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