Sample Solutions at 2019’s edition at ASSIRM!

Palazzo Mezzanotte, Milan

The ASSIRM trade show (Associazione italiana delle ricerche di mercato, sociali e di opinione) was a meeting with the world of market research industry.

Hosted annually in Milan, Italy, ASSIRM is an event that connects market research companies, suppliers, and clients, communication and consulting agencies and other enthusiastic visitors in the industry. Sample Solutions had its two attendees; Jana and Tijana.

Organized for the first time at Palazzo Mezzanotte, the impressive façade of the building grabs your attention, on 29th October in Milan, and arranged by ASSIRM, the event has an important goal: to unite the major Italian companies that carry out market research, opinion polls and social research.

The main topic of this year’s event was “Design the future. Ricerca, Strategia, Insight e Data intelligence per la crescita delle imprese” and it was focused on changes in the market research area in the passing years, following the digitalization.

Starting in the morning hours, the event was well organized, with lovely traditional Italian appetizers and a warm-welcoming speech by the organizers.

After the speech, we looked through the official agenda and checked all of the presentations that had planned to attend. However, some presentations were held simultaneously in multiple parallel sessions, so, unfortunately, we didn’t have the possibility to follow all of them.

Beside the presentations, there were a few fair booths suited in the entrance of the building.

ASSIRM 2019, Milan

The presentations were followed by discussions and interesting case studies which were explaining their main subject.

We connected with people from the workshops, asked them about their activities, their needs, and their opinions of what the future holds for this industry. We shared out business cards with some of them, which turned out to be a good chance for future communication and cooperation among the companies.

One of the presentations that we followed and left us a good impression was “Ibridare i dati per strategie efficienti: il caso Poste italiane” held by Praxidia.

The last presentation “Ciao, sono Alexa e sto conducendo una ricerca di mercato. Vuoi procedere?”, held by Alessandro Imborgia and Ennio Armato from IFF International, that we were able to follow, was exceptionally entertaining. Since it was a silent presentation, participants were given headphones to listen to the presentation.

The event itself  was a mix of useful and professional presentations and workshops with  positive and friendly discussions. We managed to meet experts in their own field, exchange ideas and learn a few tips about how the work has to be done.

The beautiful city of Milan and the delicious Italian cuisine brought our expectations for the event to a whole new level.

As the warm welcoming hosts, the organizers didn’t fail to meet our expectations in any way and filled our day with novel, valuable and joyful experiences.

Can’t wait for ASSIRM 2020!

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