Printemps des études 2021 – First trade show after the Covid19 outbreak!

After close to 2 years of social distancing and barely any face-to-face events, we were thrilled to participate in the 9th edition of the Printemps des études trade show in Paris 2021. The event took place on the 23th and 24th of September 2021, at the beautiful Palais de Brognard.

Our colleagues Elena, Tijana and Carsten were representing Sample Solutions at this annual gathering for Research, Data & Insights professionals, exhibiting at the Village de la data.

Stand n°6, Village de la DATA

As in the times before the pandemic outbreak, there were around 135 companies attending, from start-ups to multinational companies, and an impressive number of visitors – all passionate about the market research and marketing industry! 

This was a great opportunity to catch up with industry peers, hear their stories about how the pandemic has shaped their business, receive valuable and constructive feedback about our services from existing clients and understand the current needs of our colleagues from the market research industry.

We had a chance to share our experiences regarding the “Data Collection challenges in Sub-Saharan Africa during the pandemic – Lessons learned”. 

Since interviewing face-to-face increased the risk for transmitting COVID19 and companies faced travel bans or entry bans within countries – it became almost impossible to collect data using the face-to-face technique. The need for data couldn’t be postponed, so companies had to opt-in for CATI solutions.
You can find a summary of our conclusions about the shift to CATI-based surveys during the pandemics in the presentation that is attached below.

Despite the busy stands and the great attendance of the event, the organizers didn’t fail to meet the COVID-19 health and safety protocols.

We are looking forward to attending the Research & Results trade show in Munich, at the end of October this year!

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