Our Screening and Filtering methods will help you eliminate any redundancy in your work. Also, we can filter on various levels, e.g. business vs. residential, email vs telephone, landline vs mobile and so on.


Only having the top of the iceberg with regard to data information you require? After providing a batch of B2B or B2C sample we will be adding phone numbers by our automatic lookup. Usually, the lookup is based on the name and postcode.


Clients can provide us with B2C or B2B
data, we can provide region information
with up to 5 levels of details.The linking
element is the postcode.This can help to
show that the sample is correctly stratified.


We are by far the most price competitive supplier of market research data services while maintaining:

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Most of our RFQs are answered within several hours. Orders are in fact processed and delivered within 24 hours. Sample Solutions is the one-stop shop sample provider!


More than 90% of the services are processed in-house so that you can be ensured of a fast turn around and not having to deal with many different end vendors.


With more than 45 years of combined market research experience and worked as a sample provider for almost a decade, we know what each client requires.

Socio-Demographic and Rural/Urban Topologies

We can also add socio-demographic features such as religion, average income, ethnicity and so on. Using the NUTS3 classification we can provide information on rural/urban features.


Any other business that might come into your mind! Drop us a line in case you have something in mind that you think is worth giving a shot, We are often able to do that extra little bit of magic that is needed.


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