Automotive Database (B2C)

Automotive Database (B2C)

Our automotive database spans more than 130 countries. We use standard car segmentation schemes which allows us to select and target consumers based on key criteria like car brand, model, price, previous owners, and much more.

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RDD Sample

Consumer Lifestyle Sample (B2C)

Enhance your calling efficiency by selecting from over 150 criteria in our regularly updated lifestyle database which provides you  access to more than 28 M European lifestyle records.

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High Net Worth Individuals (HNWI)

High Net Worth Individuals (HNWI)

Our HNWI database, based on criteria such as stocks and shares, income, property ownership, etc. gives you access to these difficult to reach consumers and collect valuable data on their lifestyle consumer preferences.

In-House Data

Most of our consumer data comes from an in-house database thus allowing for faster turnaround time and higher cost-effectiveness.

Mobile Consumers

Get global and direct access to your consumers through our extensive mobile database.

Automotive Data

 Our Automotive data allows you to select from key variables like car pricing, model, brand, and age.

Fast turnaround

More than 90% of our orders are processed within 24 hours making us the industry’s leading sample provider.

One Stop Solutions

The one stop solutions for all your B2C sampling needs. Whether it is RDD or Lifestyle sample, we have you covered!

Regular Updates

 Get the latest information with our regularly updated B2C database.

Dedicated Support

Top notch support is our most important priority. We provide around the clock support.


The only sample provider with global coverage for High Net Worth Individuals. Target location, income and many more key variables.