Quality Control at Sample Solutions

At Sample Solutions, we are always looking for ways to improve our data. Recently we introduced a new quality control method based on the closed loop method. This means that at every stage in the process, feedback is generated for future projects, identifying potential future pitfalls and complications that might arise. Using our in-house created EQMS (Enterprise Quality Management System) problems are detected and feedback to our department heads. From there, decisions can be made on resolving the current issues found in the project and process methods implemented to make sure these problems don’t reoccur in the future.

The closed-loop system works in the following way. Once the sales representative starts a project it will be put into our QEMS. From there every time the project is moved forward goes it will undergo a check for the quality at that stage of the process.

If during any stage data is deemed below the required quality, either through automation or by any of the people involved in the project, an error flag is made. This flag notifies everyone involved in the project that something is wrong and that the data needs to be reproduced, rectified to meet the quality standard set. Besides the immediate repair order, a report is sent to the heads of departments. This report contains all information feed into the system at each stage. They will go over the report and try to find the source of the error. If possible a change to the production method will be implemented to ensure that future repetitions of these mistakes/errors do not happen.

Everything that has been explained above has been automated for better performance and increased productivity -> ie in-house EQMS (Enterprise Quality Management System) was created. The development team gathered all the specific requirements and designed it for the detailed needs of Sample Solutions data and sales teams. The internal EQMS system is put on our dedicated server that is accessible only to the employees in the company. Furthermore, it is SSL protected ensuring that all the files that will be transferred via the system and encrypted and sent via secure protocols. The final delivery of the processed file is also sent out via this platform ensuring that we cut all risks for data breach from a third party.

The reason for us to implement this thorough quality control system is so that we can promise our client the best possible data that we can deliver. Minimizing downtime of their agents on incorrect data, and saving them costs during their stage in the entire research project – because we are only happy when the client is happy.

For more information, please contact client services.

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