CSDI Workshop: recap and moving forward.

Another exciting year at the CSDI Workshop

March marked yet another successful culmination of the CSDI Workshop in Berlin. The event gathered a diverse group of industry experts from around the globe. Academics, scholars, industry experts, and researchers, all sharing a common interest in research, shared their perspectives and insights from around the globe, fostering collaborative discussions and knowledge exchange.

The privilege of attending this event was given to 6 of our colleagues, including our Managing Director Carsten Broich, who not only presented his paper titled “Building a European Establishment Survey Sampling Frame: Lessons Learned.” but also chaired one of the sessions, adding his expertise to the vibrant discourse of the workshop.

Another notable presentation came from our colleague Nadica, who is an integral part of the Lifepanel team. Nadica shared her research in a paper titled “Engagement and Demographics in Probability Panels – A Lifepanel Omnibus Mode Experiment.” Her contribution shed light on essential aspects of panel engagement and demographic dynamics, offering valuable insights into the evolving landscape of social data analysis.

The workshop focuses on research in a 3MC environment namely Multi-national contexts, Multi-cultural contexts and Multi-regional contexts with a focus on questionnaire design, sampling and fieldwork protocols that allow comparative data between different countries. The mix of academia and commercial entities allows exploring different methods together with their advantages and limitations.

Beyond the formal part of the Workshop and the insightful presentations, the workshop provided an opportunity for networking and sharing experiences. Colleagues from various backgrounds and disciplines had the chance to catch up, exchange ideas, and forge new connections. These informal interactions often sparked illuminating discussions and inspired collaborative initiatives that extend beyond the confines of the workshop.

Looking ahead, Sample Solutions is excited about the possibility of hosting next year’s CSDI Workshop in Skopje. The vibrant city of Skopje, with its rich history and burgeoning academic community, offers an ideal setting for fostering further collaboration and innovation in the field of social data analysis. As we reflect on the success of this year’s workshop, we eagerly anticipate the opportunity to welcome our colleagues and peers to Skopje for another enriching and inspiring event.

Marija Nasevska Stankovska is a seasoned professional with 8 years of experience in sampling and survey research at Sample Solutions. With a master's degree in Communication and Research and fluency in Italian and Spanish, Marija specializes in serving clients from these respective countries.

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