Doing counts has never been faster on Survey Platform!

Another week has passed and our Survey Platform has gotten a couple more features added to it which we are proud to share with all our partners

B2B Module: The B2B data for the Netherlands is now online, enriched with company URLs and up-to-date phone numbers! This brings the total number of countries available on the platform to 10: Netherlands, Germany, France, Denmark, Ireland, Sweden, Belgium, UK, Luxembourg and Norway.

We are now able to provide faster counts and even faster sample processing within a matter of minutes! You can get detailed counts within 4.5 seconds, for several countries using multiple filters such as employee size, turnover range, industry etc. Check the quick demo below!

The deduplication option on the RDD module is now fully functional!

Users are now able to fully dedupe*  their sample file with any list of mobile or landline numbers that they do not wish to be included in the final sample file. Simply paste the list of numbers in the indicated field and let Survey Platform do the rest.

Inside information: For every order of unpulsed landline sample, you get 10% oversample!

Finally, the testing phase for SurveyPlatform v1.0.1 is complete.

Next week, Survey Platform version 1.0.1 goes live!

Stay tuned, we are moving fast!

*stands for DeDuplication

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