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Germany is the largest economy with a population of 82 million and also ranks as the third largest economy in the world. The country’s growing economy and attractive markets have made it an ideal marketplace full of countless opportunities. From the middle of the 1980 origin the first market research institutes in Germany and since then the number is increasingly growing so as the volume of their annual turnover. That’s why we consider the German market of great importance and we are constantly working on improving our collaboration. Having years of experience in the market research industry we are aware of the rapidly changing environment that we live in so we always try to keep in touch with the trends. Every year we try to invest in something new which would bring us closer to our customers and would ease the accomplishment of their goals.

This year we present our new B2B online database for Germany. We consider that this online database would help our clients to have easy access to all the required data and increase their productivity. Over 5.1 M business in Germany are registered and they all can be selected on location, size, industry, contact person, revenue, employee etc. We all know that money is time and not finishing a project on time can cost an immense amount. That’s why through this online B2B database we offer instant delivery and 24/7 accessibility from anywhere around the world so the clients would no longer need to wait for their sample to be delivered. As a result of that, they would actually have more time in conducting the fieldwork.

You can select from key parameters such as:

    • SIC / NACE codes
    • Employee Size
    • Revenue Size
  • Location (based on PLZ / State / City / NUTS3)

In just a few clicks the client receives our full country unlimited search, ordering and usage of our country database at a flat fee. After the client passes the general verification, unique password and login credentials are being sent. As the order is uploaded the client receives 2 emails or SMS containing the link and the password. Since the order is processed the system sends internal/external links for access. In terms of the security of our system, the entire platform is SSL encrypted so that all data transferred between platform and user is encrypted using the latest security standards. In order to favor our clients, we also created special pricing which could depend on the volume of the sample but the prices could also vary if it is single usage or subscription based.

Don’t hesitate to contact our client service managers for more information, or just click here to get to know more about what we can do for you.


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