Data security at Sample Solutions: Sample Platform

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In the age of digitization and e-commerce, data protection and security have become increasingly important. Not only must companies protect their own data from cyber espionage, but they must also safeguard consumer data and abide by ever-changing data protection regulations or face severe consequences. Sample Solutions takes this issue very seriously and that is why security measures are provided at every level of the business processes, but more importantly on the Sample platform. The Sample platform is the general tool for delivering the main product of Sample Solutions – RDD, B2B, B2C samples.

Secure transfer of data

The first level of security is the secure transfer of data between the user and the platform. The platform is SSL protected, encrypted and highly safeguarded since the data that is delivered is delicate and of great importance to clients which means that the communication between the user and the system is completely encrypted. Sample Solutions has enabled Extended Validation SSL Certificates ( EV SSL ) as the highest class of SSL available. This kind of certificate activates both the padlock and the green address bar in all major browsers. EV SSL Certificates provides the strongest encryption level available and enables Sample Solutions to present its own verified identity to website visitors.

Hosting of the platform

The server and data hosting for our platform are provided by Strato . It’s 100% hosted in Germany as they provide excellent IT security which is verified repeatedly each year through independent TÜV certification (ISO 27001). STRATO also offers a three-tiered security concept which includes:

    • Security data centers, complying with Germany’s strict legal requirements where they host more than 60.000 servers and 4 million websites
    • Backup control and risk management at the highest level
  •           Secure data transmission through encryption

Application security

Based on the data protection regulations discussed in the preceding sections, the Sample platform is built with a modern and widely popular web framework that provides additional safety measures.

By using a modern web framework to develop the Sample platform – several security measures are already covered, such as:

    • Cross-site request forgeries
    • XSS Cross-site scripting
  • SQL Injection

The Sample platform utilizes a sophisticated authentication and user- management system. This provides a safe and secure way of logging into the application and managing the users accordingly to their roles so that not all users are allowed to have access to the delicate parts of the application.

The future

As part of Sample Solutions’ next steps, a data protection management team will be established to implement the ISO 27001 international standard for Information Security Management. Furthermore, appointing a data protection officer is in the plan as well, to ensure that the use of personal data only in cases where the data protection regime allows using the data in question and obtain specific and explicit consent by individuals for the processing of their data (Opt-In).

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