Daniel Presents B2B Sampling at USP Marketing

Last week Daniel Boonman—client service director at Sample Solutions—held a B2B sampling workshop at USP Marketing in Rotterdam. USP, based in the Netherlands, is a market research and consulting agency specializing in  construction, DIY, installation and real estate markets. Founded in 1993, USP is now an international player consisting of multiple subsidiaries with over 40 researchers and consultants.

After a few cups of coffee and a nice chat with new and experienced project managers, Daniel shared an interactive presentation on building quality B2B sample.

In his presentation, Daniel laid out a roadmap for success by guiding the managers through the sampling process and explaining the different options and features available to enhance their B2B sample.

Next, he demonstrated how Sample Solutions obtains sources, ensures quality, and utilizes different features to enhance sample utility. Daniel then shared lessons learned from past projects and provided tips for choosing the right specifications to target and maximize respondent engagement.

When conducting B2B market research your sample provider is an integral part of your project’s success. So before you start your next B2B project, it’s important to check that your sample provider uses best practices. Here’s a good checklist:

Have I defined my target? Does my sample provider know what my specifications are?

Do I understand the data source? Are there enough quality controls?

What verification tools are in place?

Are there other features that would improve response?

Sample Solutions is the premier global provider of phone sampling solutions for survey research. We provide high quality, detailed sample for RDD, B2B or Consumer survey at the best price-quality ratio. We also provide SMS and mobile surveys (1-way and 2-way) for 190 countries. Sample Solutions has the capability to collect data in developing countries where online or face-to-face survey is difficult to conduct.

Workshops and trainings are an excellent opportunity to get to know our products and services, as well as how to improve your sampling efficiency.

We provide workshops and trainings for all potential and existing clients. Contact Daniel at daniel@samplesolutions.eu to schedule a workshop or for more information on our services.

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