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Sample Solutions

Company founding
  • Sample Solutions was founded in the end of 2010 in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.
  • Our founder: Carsten Broich
Our first clients
  • In 2011 we got in our first clients
  • The company was still in its baby times
First International Conference
  • We went to Munich in October 2012 for the Research&Results.
  • The baby company started to learn how to walk.
Our first employee
  • In 2013 Carsten brought in a good friend to be the first employee – it started to look like a real company.
Our very own office space
  • 2014, Delft, The Netherlands
  • Our office was located in the city centre on top of the Bierfabriek (yes, that’s a beer factory).
Launch of Survey Platform
  • We launched our very first online platform from which telephone sample is withdrawn for around 20 markets.
Macedonia: A new chapter
  • In the end of 2016 we started with 2 Data Processors in a co-working space Coffice in Skopje
  • By building up a team of 7 employees in 6 months it was time to get our very first office in Skopje.
Opening of Skopje office
  • We moved into our own 400m² office in the center of Skopje where we grew into 35 employees.
Back to the roots
  • At the beginning of 2018 we moved our offices back to Rotterdam into the Groothandelsgebouw (where it all started).
  • Located in the Kleinhandel, we are now a well-connected hub in Europe with an easy access to international client base.
Launch of Sales.Rocks
  • We are launching our BigData and Sales Automation platform Sales.Rocks this year to go beyond the market research audience.
Switched to fully remote working
  • As the majority of the companies in our sector we moved from our Skopje office to the comfort ouf our home offices.
Launch of LIfepanel
  • After almost 2 decades working with offline sampling only, we adventured into creating our very own probability based panel. We proudly present to you Lifepanel.
Brand new office in Skopje
  • After operating fully remotely for over 3 years, we purchased our very own 100 m2 office in the heart of Skopje.
      We expect to be able to celebrate the gran opening this August.
Market Research Conferences
  • Finally, after 2 years of attending events virtually, we were lucky enough to attend several conferences and MR events. ESRA, WAPOR, AAPOR, CSDI and still counting.